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  Biteomics Culture :::::

Corporate Philosophy
Integration of global resources to develop China’s independent and innovative biotechnological industry

To create leading corporate in biotechnological and drug innovation

To be innovative and competitive corporate in life sciences and medical technology field in the world

Core Value
People-oriented, good faith, to create wealth and maximize human potentiality

"8s" Culture

Share Value -----collective spirit and moral concept with the same center value of company

Solidarity ------ force of rally build up a outstanding team of enterprise

Strategy -----willingness, initiative, agility, and wittiness

Structure----uniform and independent organization

System ----- hiberarchy Clearness,inspiritment and open system

Skill ----eximious technique, skill and ability

Style ----expeditiousness and carefulness

Staff ----exploitability ,canniness, solidarity, briskness and self-confidence






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