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2010 Blasting Off
In March, BIT strike out to crack down the counterfeit of “Dr. Nzyme”, the bio-enzymes products, preserved the rights and interests of national standard constitutor of bio-enzymes.

In April, the Annual World Congress of Well Stimulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery was held in Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu. Experts in oil and gas fields from more than twenty countries attended the conference, among which the Principal of Southwest Petroleum University, Mr. Zhimin Du and directors from Sinopec and PetroChina delivered speeches.

In June, The 1st Annual World Congress of NeuroTalk and the 3rd World Cancer Congress were held by BIT and Singapore Tourism Board, which was highly recognized by the government of Singapore.

In July, the famous founder of Biopolymers, Dr. David Richard visited our company discussing collaborating matters.

In July, Dr. Yiminaka the world’s leading oil field biologist participated in the 1st World Congress of Petromicrobiology with his R&D team to visit study and enter into collaborations with us.

In August, the Petroleum Biotech Division’s metagenomic technology has been grafted successfully with Tarim Oilfield.

In October, the Petroleum Biotech Division’s new bio-selective water shutoff techniques reached an input-output ratio greater than 1:4.

2009 Flying Over
In September, BIT was officially awarded with Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA-Dalian Biotechnological and Medical Experts Subdivision to be a state-level center of intelligence.

In August, the Low Permeability Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Technical Seminars was held in Xi’an Shiyou University with the participation of leaders from PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, and Yanchang Oilfield

The 2nd Annual World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology and the 6th “Life Spring” Forum were held in Seoul, Korea in April.

2008 Climbing
In January, our enzymes products entered Yanchang Oilfield market successfully.

BIT Life Sciences was established formally followed by the system reform of BIT’s conference division in April

In April, the 4th Life Spring Forum was held in Shenzhen to be a highlight within field of life sciences of the city.

In August, BIT Life Sciences finished further segmentation and positioning laying the foundation of leap-forward development of the company

The Petroleum Biotech Division as the qualified supplier acquired the license for the product “Dr. Nzyme” in the eighth mail oilfields in October. It successfully paved the way for products’ promotion.

The 1st World Congress of Molecular and Cell Biology was held in Busan, Korea successfully in December, through which BIT’s conference entered the world stage for the first time.

2007 Making Progress
On 20th January, BIT signed a cooperation agreement for developing European chemicals market with British Chemicals Co., Ltd.

BIT signed general area agency agreements for petroleum biotech products with over then companies including Bioscience in America during 16-18 February.

The 5th International Drug Discovery Science and Technology grand opened in Shanghai on 28th May with delegates from industry and academics from over 30 countries, promoted more than 40 projects of cooperation.

During June to October, the Petroleum Biotech Division’s product of enzymes has entered successfully into Liaohe Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Jilin Oilfield and Qinghai Oilfield.

2006 Breaking Through
BIT’s Petroleum Biotech Division was officially divided into Technology Department and Marketing Department on 26th December.

On 2nd December, The Company singed international strategic cooperation agreement with Swiss Health Care Co., Ltd.

World AIDS Day 2006 grand opened in Tianjin Development Zone on 1st December. Mr. Longde Wang, the minister of Ministry of Health attended and delivered welcome remark.

The company signed international cooperation agreement with KSAM Indonesia on 27th September.

BIT’s 4th International Drug Discovery Science and Technology was held successfully in Dalian Expo Center and Northeastern University of Xian respectively on 26th May.

In Febuary, BITeomics and FusoGen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. made agreement of initiating World AIDS Day-2006 Tianjin.

In January, BIT’s R&D Center made dramatic progress on the research of anti-AIDS fusion peptide drugs. And its new drug candidates could increase efficacy 300 times than similar products in American market.

In January, BIT’s Petroleum Biotech Division was founded, and enzyme product Pyrolase officially entered China’s market.

In February,

2005 Development
BIT’s World DNA and Genome Day was opened and held by Dalian Bio Integration Technology, Inc. on 25th April 2005.

On 2005 World DNA and Genome Day, Dalian Bio Integration Technology, Inc. and American Diversa (IPO) signed an agreement on joint development and market exploration of green environment-protective enzyme, Pyrolase, for enhancement of petroleum mining, on April 26, 2005.

BIT’s World DNA and Genome Day closed with great success on 30th April 2005

Dalian Bio Integration Technology, Inc. successfully developed production technique of fluorine-containing amino acid and could produce in unit of kilogram on June 26, 2005.

Directors from China Association for International Exchange of Personnel investigated programs in our company on October 31, 2005.

The 3rd Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology, operated by Dalian Bio Integration Technology, Inc. was successfully held in Dalian and Shanhai on October 28, 2005.

2004 Endeavour
Establish the branch company in Fushun, Liaoning Province on 23rd March

The 3rd “Spring Life” forum was held in Dalian 14th May for which Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2001 Cote Worcester Ridge joined as keynote speaker.

19th September, the company moved to No. 26 Gaoneng St. High Tech Zone, establishing an integrated company with R&D, production, and sale.

In November, the 2nd IDDST was held successfully across Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai and Nanjing.

2003 Discovery
During the “SARS” attack, the company developed successfully “atypical pneumonia” diagnostic kit by using “SARS” genome sequence and micro-fluidic chip technology which has more than 90% accuracy rate for detecting the virus which won the honor for Dalian city.

2002 Breaking the Ice
Organizing and holding the 2nd “Life Spring” forum in Dalian and Nanjing while Dr. Richard Roberts the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 1993 was doing speaking tour in China.

2001 Founding Business
Biteomics was founded at Dalian High Tech Zone under Dr. Mei’s leading in March.

During 29th to 30th June, the company organized and hold the 1st “Life Spring” forum in Dalian and Shenyang respectively, where Dr. Friedrich Murad, the Nobel Laureate in physiology and medicine 1998 delivered wonderful speeches with other speakers in the keynote forum.

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