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Dalian BITeomics, Inc is a bio-technology enterprise founded by Chinese scientist living overseas. It allocated in Hi-tech zone, Dalian, China. The main business of the company covers: representing and distributing international branding Enzymes which increasing productivity of oil and gas, fluorinated amino acids, organizing conference conducted in bio-sciences field,etc. We welcome current graduates conducted to biology, medical, chemical, environment and other science projects.

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English level

Degrees required

Other requirement

Technical support

biological related subjects: virology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cytobiology, neurobiology, marine biology, phytology, zoology, fermentation engineering, protein engineering,
enzyme engineering, antibody engineering, genetic engineering,
biochemical engineering, biotechnology, bioengineering, etc

Above CET-4


Skills on understanding biological journals, solid background, understanding on frontier sciences and current development, etc.
Note: please visit百奥泰招聘问卷.doc

Please download and fill in “BIT recruitment survey” , send it together with CV to

medical related subjects:
clinical medicine, preclinical medicine,
forensic medicine,
endocrinology and metabolism,
medical examination, etc

pharmaceutical engineering,

Chemical related subjects:
Organic chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis,
pharmaceutical synthesis, chemical technology, etc

Environmental sciences subjects: environmental science, environmental engineering, geology, environmental management, environmental economics, etc.

Energy subjects: biomass energy, wind energy resource, nuclear energy, nuclear engineering, etc.

IT related subjects: IOT engineering, electronic engineering, information technology, logistics.

Other subjects: geology and geothermal engineering, marine physics, nautical science and technology, ship and marine engineering, water conservancy, electrical engineering, nano-technology, material science, physics, etc.

Business development

English, international trade


Undergraduate or higher degrees, English level; Good oral and written communication skills are essential; Oversea experience would be preferred.

Domestic events assistant

Chinese, Hospitality management, etc.

High diploma

High diploma or above; Chinese, Hospitality management ,etc,
Essential English skill is preferred, fluent Chinese, good telephone communication skill.

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Please send your CV with a title of “应聘XX职位” to, we will arrange an interview if you are shortlisted.

Address: BIT Life Sciences, Inc
26 Gaoneng St., R405, Dalian Hightech Zone
Dalian, LN 116025, China
Web: or

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