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Dalian Bio Integration Technology, Inc.(or named Biteomics), authorized by All level Chinese Governmental organizations, and overseas NGO, World High Technology Society (WHTS), has been providing unproceed high profile services on conference organizations in biotechnological information exchanges and technology transfers between China and other countries since 2001. Since them, more than 40,000 people has directly or inderectly involved in the acitivities organized by BIT. Currently, BITeomics has established top meeting places of biotechnology, drug discovery meetings in China, from which has hosted many famous receiptions for many world leading scientists and industrial VIPS to support the innovative industrial projects, which included upto 15 Nobel Prize Laureates to travel to China, and dozens of Members from overseas Academies of Sciences, and hundreds of overseas Chinese scientists back to China for idea sharing and collaboration seeking in both industrial and academic areas. All the delegates from different countries with different nationals have consistently received heartily welcome by government leaders and headers of academic institutions in different cities.

Our company usually operates 2-3 large and high profile international professional events every year across the country, such as Life Spring Forum( ) , Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST) ( ), ,World DNA and Genome Day( ), and new meeting channel in Anti-AIDS field, i.e. World AIDS Day-China ( ).

1 、 Life Spring Forum

1. Life Spring Forum is held in China during May to June and since 2001, has been successfully operated for 3 times, with attendees mainly from academic fields to focus on the frontier of life sciences.

The first congress of Life Spring Forum 2001 was initiated by WHTS, sponsored by local government and hosted by BIT, which was held during June 29-30 in Shenyang and Dalian. We invited Dr. Ferid Murad, the Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 1998 for the keynote speech. In addition, one member from National Academy of Science, US and more than 30 Chinese scientists gave speeches at the conference. The governor of Liaoning Province, Mr. Xilai Bo and other leaders met the Nobel Laureate and other world leading scientists. Vice mayors of Shenyang, Mr. Jia Li and the Vice-Mayor of Dalian, Dr. Yulin Dai gave welcome remarks in Shenyang and Dalian respectively. BIT has established excellent relations with local government and nationawide industries through such operations, "Great impact has been generated on the development of Chinese Biotechnology", comment made by Dr. Murad, Nobelist in 1998.

The second congress of Life Spring Forum 2002 was held in Dalian, Nanjing, Xian and Qingdao during July 21-28. We invited Dr. Rich Roberts, the Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 1993, for a tech tour of itinerant speeches, which generated incrediable influences on the idea generations for both professionals and young generations. The VIP guests received warm welcom by the local people and treated by General Secretary of Nanjing, Mr.Yuanchao Li, and the mayor of Dalian, Dr. Deren Xia and other leaders. Enormous connections and network have been established in both Chinese professional world. BIT has gained increasing recognitions by public domains.

The third congress of Life Spring Forum 2004 was held in Dalian during May 13-15, at which our keynote speakers were Dr. Kurt Wuthrich, the Nobel Prize Laureate in chemistry, 2002, and Dr. Peter Vogt, the famous viroloist and the member of National Academy of Sciences, USA. In addition, more than 30 Chinese and overseas distinguished scientists and managerial personnels from industry offered a series of wonderful lectures and successful industrial case studies. Vice mayor of Dalian, Mr. Zengbin Song and Mr. Liangzhong Xing attended the opening ceremony and keynote forum on behalf of mayor Deren Xia respectively. Keynote forum, symposia, technology and product displays, and program connection were set in the conference, which collected more than 140 international frontier projects for industrialization, which colsed nearly 10 cooperations and fundraising deals.

2 、 Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST)

The Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST) is usually held in China during October to November, which was established as an echos to many top drug discovery meetings overseaas by implanting across cultural international collaboration and outsourciing strateges for not only overseas Chinese Executives and entrepreneurs but also mainstream pharmaceutical industrial leaders. Such an annual congress has summited a outstanding platform for updating most recent advances in drug discovery field, and provide unlimited opportunities for R & D Transfer, outsourcing, cost-lowering, risk avoiding for pharmaceutical industries who want to do business with Chinese corporations and institutions. Meanwhile, the tech tour strategies allow overseas mainstream friends to understand not only how to communicate in a different cultural setting, but also understand the history and diverse cultures in China. In such case, a good and friendly network environment can be established for all the delegates to explore further followup collaborations in the future.

The first congress of IDDST was held in Dalian during October 17-20, 2003. BIT hosted the reception activities for the honorable visitors, Dr. Rolf Zinkernagel, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 1996, Dr. Vladamia Kavinson and Dr. Xiaodong Wang as keynote speakers. In addition, many other famous members from overseas Academies of Sciences, China Academy of Sciences and more than 20 overseas Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs offered wonderful speeches at the event. This congress initiated a new meeting places for not only China but also the whole world, which has quickly received the attentions from every resources of pharmaceutical industries in China and across the world.

The second congress of IDDST was held in Beijing, Dalian, Nanjing and Shanghai during November 1-8, 2004. Dr. Gunter Blobel, the Nobel Laureate in physiology or medicine, 1999, joined a long tech tours across above mentioned four cities and received incredible hospitalities by government, industrial leaders, academica professors, graduate students. The main meeting in Beijing, attracted nearly 80 speakers from dozens of countries, such as America, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Japan, France, Swiss, Australia, India, Russia, Sigapore,Korea and so on to present their current progress and breakthroughs in more than 20 sessions.

3、 World DNA and Genome Day

World DNA and Genome Day. is the most influencial congress that BIT organized in the past four years. The aim of World DNA Day is to follow up the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of DNA double-helix structure in Nature from April 25, 1953 by Dr. James Watson and Dr. Francis Crick. In 2003, US Congress designated April 25 of every year as National DNA Day and the whole April as Genome Month. National DNA Day has provide a significant occasion for young generations to learn genetics.

For such a purpose, BIT sponsored a new meeting platform creation, i.e. World DNA Day (WDD). WDD has received broad support from those world leading research institutes. With many leading scientists involved in such operation, and those institutions already actively involved in DNA Day celebration in the past. In fact, WDD has been confirmed being one of the best meeting places without introduction in China. Dalian City Government has honored the event as the Cities' DNA Celebration Week every year or every two year in April.

It has been successfully turned into a new idea and value sharing for the international intellectual properties exchanges as many other governmental institutions or information providers have done, World DNA Day has established a new milestone in China for encouraging extensive professional training workshops, high profile scientific symposia for the life sciences, entreprenuership, international busness development and scientific popularizations for lay public as well.

More than 5000 participants joined the opening ceremony on April 25, 2005. Five Nobel Prize Laureates and About 150 representatives from 25 countries offered lectures in 33 scientific sessions. The following up events were extended to three other cities, i.e. Shanghai, Beijing and Xi'an. Such an event has generated direct impact on more than 30,000 professionals, industrial scientists, managers, government officers, graduate students and even elemental students across China. As a gift, best services from BIT for all parties have receive good meeting brand through World DNA Day operation. BIT also received the great contribution to life science award from government. Meanwhile, tremendous professional data bases and customer resources have been established, which will definitely helpful for those who are interested in partnership with us to support the ethic drug discovery programs across the world. We have a faith that Helping others to be successful with noble ideal, then you will be the next. We just have a simple hope that World DNA Day play a meaningful role in educating not just a single person, but energize a whole family of life science devotors, it can be a gathering home of life scientists. WDD not only celebrate achievements, but also celebrate the success for the future scientists. World DNA Day already becomean excellent meeting places and learning center for professionals, graduate students, also, an outstanding information provider for the bioscientific resource integration.

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